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Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads, Backpackers & Travelers?

I highly recommend SafetyWing and their Nomad Insurance. It’s very affordable, and flexible in what it offers. You can also pause or cancel at any time very easily without any pushy sales pitch to stay. If you’re traveling for any period of time, short or long, it’s very important to make sure you have proper insurance coverage.

Best place to find cheap flights, hotels and car rentals?

I’m a huge fan of SkyScanner. I’ve been using them for over 10 years now and can always guarantee I’m going to find a good price. Their option to choose “everywhere” as a destination is also great if you have no plan and want to go wherever is cheapest and spontaneously. Their “multi-city” search is also great if you have an idea of different places you want to go and want to to get a round-trip discount while visiting different cities.

Best places to find cheap accommodations for backpackers?

Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on accommodations while traveling, but it’s important to have a clean and safe place to stay to make sure you’re well rested for your next adventure, and not have to worry about your stuff being stolen. I highly recommend HostelWorld. The app and the website are very user friendly and they only accept a small deposit by credit card at the time of booking, meaning you can pay in cash in the local currency on arrival. A lot of hostels offer Free Cancellation and the customer service is pretty responsive. The reviews are also easy to tell if they’re from real backpackers and not just purchased. Some hostels also have a chat feature which allows you to communicate with other people staying at the hostel so you can plan activities or meet new people.

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Another recommendation I have for cheap accomodations is with Booking.com. They provide more than just hostel dorms, but also include hotels, short term rentals, and even shared accomodations like hostels, or private rooms in people’s homes. It’s a great place to find amazing deals and budget options. They also offer a reward program that offers you discounts after a certain amount of booked stays.

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Best place to get cheap e-books?

Every traveler knows how much time you spend on busses, trains, and planes on travel days, so it’s always nice to have some entertainment handy. Kobo is the best place I’ve found to get cheap e-books. They also offer a cheap monthly plan for unlimited e-books. If you’re reading a couple of books a month then this is a great deal for you.

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Best alternatives to AirBnB?

AirBnB has become the Kleenex-brand tissue of short term rentals to most travelers & backpackers at this point. Most people think, short term rental that isn’t a hotel? Well, that must be an AirBnB, but it’s not true as there are other competitors on the market, and most of them are cheaper. Ever since AirBnB became a publicly traded company, they had to make sacrifices to keep their shareholders happy. It was either raise their prices, or decrease their quality of service. Unfortunately for us, they did both. There are other options and one that I like is VRBO. It only offers entire homes that are personally approved for quality, and they provide a better quality of customer service.

Best place to find cheap and good quality backpacks?

I recently made a purchase with Cabin Zero and am very happy with the backpack that I ordered. The Military 44L when not overly stuffed fit in the under-seat bin while checking in and didn’t have any issues. It is also very spacious. I will be making a purchase of a Classic style bag soon! They are based out of the UK but they ship worldwide. My bag arrived in Canada in around 8 days!

Best place to book cheap and amazing quality group tours?

Sometimes when you’re traveling on a timeframe you don’t have enough time to venture off the beaten path and explore a new place on your own. Luckily, there are tours available from likeminded travelers and people with the same sense of adventure as you. G Adventures offers amazing tours at affordable prices that take away all the stress of planning and do all the grunt work for you. You also meet amazing travelers and friends on each trip which is a bonus.

Another amazing choice is Contiki. Contiki offers tours almost everywhere in the world with groups small or large. If you’re more laid back and like to have trips planned out for you, where your given the opportunity to see a whole lot of places in a short amount of time, both of these companies are right for you!

Best place to book cheap car rentals almost anywhere in the world?

Booking a rental car is sometimes a cheaper option than taking flights, trains and busses, depending on how much time you have and the amount of people you’re traveling with. In places like Patagonia, the Rockies, or many parts of the United States, it’s almost impossible to travel without a car. Getting the right car is important and knowing how to make sure you don’t get scammed is equally important. Fox Rent A Car has saved me money and time on numerous occasions. It’s very important to do your research before booking a car. Research the car rental agency and look at previous reviews to know what pushy sales tactics and scams to avoid!

Best Place to book flight & hotel packages or all-inclusive vacations?

A lot of us backpackers like to avoid the all-inclusive pre packaged deal because it rarely offers an authentic opportunity for us to fully immerse ourselves in a countries culture. But sometimes, after traveling for a while or having a hard time at work, you just want an easy no frills vacation where everything is planned out for you. Expedia offers some really good deals if you search for flight and hotel packages, vacations, or all-inclusive options.

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Best place to book last minute hotel deals?

There are a lot of places to book last minute hotel deals but some places that I’ve had success with are Hotels.com and Expedia. The best way to save money is to search many different locations for the best prices, and some websites even offer to price-match or beat their competitors rates.

Best place to get downloadable content?

If you have an Amazon Prime account, then it’s a no brainer to download Amazon Prime Video instead of Netflix. They have much less content but it’s only getting better daily, and if you’re already a member of Amazon it’s FREE.

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